Audrey Hepburn at Vips At a restaurant in Nice recently I came upon this photo of Audrey Hepburn in the toilette, no less. So I placed a rose on her photo and snapped the shot. You can find beauty in the oddest places, and Audrey Hepburn has been a blogging icon since my friend Mary Elizabeth and I started using her image in our work blog from time to time, inspired by the story I once heard about her only allowing herself one piece of chocolate cake a year. i just had my second piece of Molten Chocolate Cake at a restaurant in Nice last night, albeit mercifully small in the French style and served with refreshing Tangerine Sorbet. I had tried it first at Isle Sur le Sorgue on Easter Sunday. Ah well, when in Rome as they say. Now I find myself nearing the end of the vacation. Too quickly it has passed as all good things do. And yet I’m feeling grateful to have been able to spend this time in France after so long, and with family. As we get older it becomes more important to treasure the moments we have with each other. In retrospect, we do treasure moments, but then we call it memory. The trick is to be present to the moments and feel the joy and connection we have with each other while it is happening; sometimes easy to forget in our day-to-day lives. That’s what I like about seeing new places and having new experiences. It’s like a kaleidescope of present time and memories in the making all jumbled together. The eyes are capturing everything to record and remember the richness of life that’s occuring in present time. Comme c’est extraordinare!

Roses at table